Welcome to the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) UAE Branch

The IIMS is an international, independent, not for profit, non-political organisation with its Head Office in the UK.

The IIMS UAE branch focuses on providing:

  • A searchable directory of IIMS member marine surveyors in the UAE region serving the small craft and commercial shipping sectors
  • Forthcoming local and international events and essential information for IIMS members in the Middle East
  • Local and international news relevant to the marine surveying profession
  • Details about the IIMS Professional Qualifications in Yacht & Small Craft and Commercial Ship marine surveying
  • Information for interested individuals or organisations who wish to become an IIMS member
  • Links to the IIMS Head Office in the UK

IIMS Membership

The International Institute of Marine Surveying provides a range of services to its members and welcomes new applications.

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IIMS Education

International Institute of Marine Surveying awards professional qualifications in yacht & small craft and commercial shipping marine surveying.

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IIMS UAE Conference

Learn more about the conference by clicking the link below.

IIMS UAE Conference

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